Sunday School

We have a number of well attended Sunday Schools in the Union of Parishes.  Sunday School gives an opportunity for young people to develop their faith in an age appropriate context.


St Iberius Sunday School, Wexford - 2nd & 3rd Sundays, except July & August

Taghmon Sunday School - 3rd Sunday of each month

Ardcolm Sunday School, Castlebridge - meets when there is a 5th Sunday in the month

                                 St Iberius Sunday School




















Sunday School meets on the 2nd & 3rd Sundays of the month during the 11.15am service in St Iberius' Church & caters for children of Kindergarten to 6th class ages.  The aim is to bring our children together during the church service to learn, enjoy and become enthusiastic members of our church.  Each session starts with our Sunday School action prayer.

The lessons are based around: 

the Church calendar;  

bible stories;

Diocesan Magazine Children's Page lessons & quizzes;

using wordsearches;

Pencil Fun Books which reveal a bible story

and lesson related crafts & games.



During Lent the Sunday School children are filling out the Christian Aid "Count Our Blessings" calendar, to spend time each day giving thanks for the things in our life that we might take for granted.  Throughout the calendar they make small donations for their blessings, eg.

10 March: One person in every ten in the world cannot get safe drinking water.  That means the water they have to drink might make them sick.

Give 5c for every glass of water you've had today.


13 March:  When collecting water, women in Africa often carry it on their heads.  It could easily weigh 20kg - as heavy as a big holiday suitcase!

Count how many steps there are from where you are to the nearest tap.  Give 5c per step and give thanks it's not far!


7 April:  Many children still die from diseases that are spread by not having anywhere safe to go to the toilet or to wash.

How many toilets do you have in your house?  Give 10c for each one.


16 April:  Last year more than 10 million people were made refugees - people forced to leave their home countries because of disasters or emergencies.

Give 2c for every room in your house.


Christian Aid Ireland is an aid agency working to overcome poverty in some of the world's poorest communities in around 50 countries.  Regardless of race or religion, they help people to tackle the problems they face and build the life they deserve.  At home and overseas they also campaign to change the structures that keep people poor, challenging inequality and justice.


We intend to make a group Sunday School donation to Christian Aid at Easter and ask that as many children as possible take part.  Any donation will be gratefully received.  Please ask for a calendar if you would like to take part.



                                                                PALM  SUNDAY  2015


Easter Bonnets,  "Stained Glass" Easter Eggs,  Lego Model of Jesus riding into Jerusalem - "spot the Lego Palm leaves"!  &  Easter Buns

View our slideshow by clicking the picture below.


The leaders are Lorraine Simmons & Yvonne Treacy, with valuable assistance from Joyce Hawkins, Lorraine Hill & Suzanne Cullimore - all trained in Safeguarding Trust (the Church of Ireland Code of Good Practice for Ministry with Children) and all are garda vetted.  


Please contact any of us for a registration form to join us in worship & fun.

Taghmon Sunday School

Sunday School is held on the 3rd Sunday of each month in Taghmon.  We are a small group and we meet in the new Vestry.


We have three teachers - Hazel Southam, Janet Simmons and Joyce Simmons.  We do bible stories and crafts related to the time of year, eg. Harvest, Easter, Christmas.


New members always welcome!


Ardcolm Sunday School

Ardcolm Church is in the lovely village of Castlebridge.  Our Sunday School meets on the 5th Sunday. We are blessed to have many families in the surrounding areas and we are delighted to have great attendance.


We go out to our Vestry during the service to continue our Youth Worship through stories, song, art and crafts.  We re-enter the service at the end of The Communion, the children receive a blessing and we join in the singing of the last Hymn.


The Sunday School leaders are Lorraine Hawkins and Lorraine Hill, with great assistance from some of the Youth Club Teen Leaders.


Looking forward to seeing you in Ardcolm Church.



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