Saint's Days and Holy Days 2018



During the vacancy of our Curacy the Feast Day of each saint will be transferred to the

Eucharistic Celebration in St Iberius' Church at 10am on Wednesday of that week   

Monday 1st January: The Naming and Circumcision of Jesus (transferred to Wednesday 10th January)

Thursday 25th January:  The Conversion of St. Paul (transferred to Wednesday 24th January)

Thursday 1st February:  Saint Brigid (transferred to Wednesday 31st January)

Saturday 17th March:  Saint Patrick 

Monday 19th March:  Saint Joseph of Nazareth (transferred to Wednesday 21st March)

Sunday 25th March:  The Annunciation of our Lord

Monday 23rd April:  St Iberius’ Feast Day (transferred to Sunday 22nd April)

Wednesday 25th April:  Saint Mark the Evangelist

Tuesday May 1st:  Saint Philip and Saint James, Apostles (transferred to Wednesday 2nd May)

Monday 14th May:  Saint Matthias (transferred to Wednesday 16th May)

Thursday 31st May:  The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (transferred to Wednesday 30th May)

Saturday 9th June:  Saint  Columba (transferred to Wednesday 7th June)

Monday 11th June:  Saint Barnabas (transferred to Wednesday 13th June)

Sunday 24th June:  The Birth of Saint John the Baptist

Friday 29th June:  Saint Peter (transferred to Wednesday 27th June)

Tuesday 3rd July:  Saint Thomas (transferred to Wednesday 4th July)

Sunday 22nd July:  Saint Mary Magdalene

Wednesday 25th July:  Saint James the Apostle

Monday 6th August:  The Transfiguration of our Lord (transferred to Wednesday 8th August)

Friday 24th August;  Saint Bartholomew (transferred to Wednesday 22nd August)

Saturday 8th September:  The Birth of the Blessed Virgin Mary (transferred to Wednesday 5th September)

Friday 21st September:  Saint Matthew (transferred to Wednesday 19th September)

Saturday 29th September:  Saint Michael and all Angels (transferred to Wednesday 26th September)

Thursday 11th October:  Saint Philip the Deacon (transferred to Wednesday 10th October)

Thursday 18th October:  Saint Luke (transferred to Wednesday 17th October)

Tuesday 23rd October:  Saint James, the Brother of our Lord (transferred to Wednesday 24th October)

Sunday 28th October:  Saint Simon and Saint Jude

Friday 30th November:  Saint Andrew (transferred to Wednesday 28th November)

Wednesday 26th December: St Stephen 

Thursday 27th December: St John the Evangelist (transferred to Wednesday 26th December)

Friday 28th December: The Holy Innocents (transferred to Wednesday 26th December)


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