It is important that a member of the clergy of the parish be informed of the death of a loved one as soon as possible so as arrangements may be made for the church and availability is secured for a member of the clergy to conduct the funeral.


An undertaker may then be contacted and provided with the name of the officiating member of the clergy.


Times for the funeral service or services to be held in the church and arrangements for burial or cremation should be arranged following consultation with the officiating member of the clergy.


The choosing of hymns, music and scripture readings for the service should be arranged through the officiating member of the clergy.  The use of service sheets should also be arranged in the same manner.


The Churchwardens should be notified.


The Church Organist should be notified of arrangements for music.


The Toller of the Church Bell should be informed, through the Churchwardens, if expected to participate.


Church Staff on duty should be notified where applicable.


The acquiring of a grave on parochial or church property may be obtained from the acting Churchwardens of that church who will confer with the Rector of the church and parish.  Please note that one purchases burial rights in acquiring a grave on our church property and not the actual property itself.  No grave headstone, monument or kerbing may be erected without the joint permission of the Churchwardens together with the Rector.  Furthermore, no inscription may be inscribed on such approved headstone, monument or kerbing without the permission of the Rector of that church alone.  All inscriptions must be approved by the Rector.

All financial arrangements and implications for the same should be arranged through the Churchwardens as the Select Vestry of each church and parish designate.






Funeral Arrangements

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